2015 Hmong National Development Conference in St. Paul, Minnesota



17th Hmong National Development Conference to be Held in Saint Paul, Minnesota April 2015

Thousands to take part in conference honoring the 40th anniversary of the Hmong migration to America

St. Paul, MN – The 17th Hmong National Development Conference (HNDC) celebration will bring together a multigenerational audience of more than 1,500 attendees from all over the U.S. to examine and discuss Hmong culture and the journey the community continues to make in integrating in America. This three-day conference will be held from Friday, April 17th through Sunday, April 19th, 2015 at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Saint Paul, MN.
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2015 marks the 40th anniversary since the Hmong people first arrived in the United States as refugees and migrants. Since 1975, the community has overcome many obstacles as they attempted to establish new lives for themselves. As such, this conference, entitled “Honoring Our Legacy, Onwards to Prosperity,” remembers and honors both the struggles and achievements made by the Hmong community. It also looks to the next 40 years to identify the challenges that still remain and how best to overcome them on the journey towards prosperity.

Attendees will be provided with opportunities to enjoy workshops in topics such as business, arts and culture, professional development, civic participation and advocacy, youth leadership, health and wellness, and community round table sessions. There will also be an awards banquet and arts and entertainment festival.

Guided by this year’s theme, the three key goals of the 17th HND Conference are to:

1) Dialogue about current and anticipated issues and challenges facing the community in order to identify key issues in policy, programming and research,

2) Share the latest research, best practices, and developments from multiple sectors in order to forecast future trends, and

3) Discuss action steps on how to advance the community at both local and national levels

This conference serves as a call to action for the Hmong-American community to recognize poverty and educational disparities in our community to collectively work to resolve them.

For more information please contact Zachery Feinberg, Hmong American Partnership (HAP) Communications and Development Associate, at (651) 495-1538, or zachf@hmong.org.  Please be sure to visit www.HNDINC.org for conference news and updates.


HND hosts a Hmong National Development Conference (HNDC) that embodies our mission and goals by bringing together community members, professionals, politicians, scholars, youth, and business owners to network, dialogue, and celebrate the community’s accomplishments. Over the course of the three-day conference, various events are held to build capacity, educate attendees on Hmong community issues, and discuss pressing issues in the Hmong community.


Founded in 1993 as a subsidiary of the Hmong American Partnership (HAP), Hmong National Development, Inc. (HND) is a national, 501(c)(3), not-for-profit organization whose mission is to empower the Hmong community to achieve prosperity and equality through education, policy advocacy and leadership development.


The Hmong American Partnership is a 501(c)(3), not-for-profit organization focused on moving the Southeast Asian refugee and immigrant community towards social and financial prosperity. In the last 25 years HAP has developed to become the largest Hmong non-profit organization in the United States; and now offers programming across the nation. While HAP’s programs continue to primarily target the Hmong community, it also serves the broader immigrant and refugee community. It currently serves approximately 7,000 clients annually and has the staff expertise to serve 18 nationalities.

This conference is sponsored through the generous donations and contributions of organizations such as the Bush Foundation, AT&T, Comcast, F.R. Bigelow, the City of Saint Paul, St. Paul Foundation, USDA, and many others.


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