2017 Hmong National Labor Day Festival in Wisconsin draws thousands of spectators

2017 Hmong National Labor Day Festival in Wisconsin draws thousands of spectators

SUAB HMONG NEWS (09/06/2017) – Hmong National Labor Day festival is one of the two Hmong biggest events held in Wisconsin annually at Winnebago County Park in Oshkosh, Wisconsin on Labor Day weekend. The other one, Hmong Wisconsin Labor Day Festival, held at Brown County Fairground in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

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The event draws thousands of spectators from all over the United Staets including variety of vendors selling cloths and foods.

Mee Yang, President of Hmong Services Center and Chair for the Hmong National Labor Day Festival, said the events held in the past earned total of $95,000.00.

β€œThe event held on May 2016, we made $15,000.00. The event held last year on Labor Day, we made $40,000.00. And the event on May 2017, we made $40,000.00. After this event, the board and I will make decision and will donate some of the money to the Hmong 18 Council to help them to continue their work to help the Hmong community. I and the board make decision to put $10,000.00 for 10 scholarship to help students to continue their education.” Said Mee Yang.

There were many sports tournaments and stage competition included singing, Hmong traditional dancing, and Miss Hmong Wisconsin Teen pageant competition for the two days.
Winners in the singing competition are Plia Xiong (1st place), Ayuthaya Xiong (2nd place), and Vang Xiong (3rd place).

Winners in the Hmong traditional dancing are Nplaim Taws (1st place), Puav Pheej Txuj Ci (2nd place), and Phoenix (3rd place).

Winners in the 2018 Miss Hmong Wisconsin Teen are Hlee Chee Xiong (1st Place), Xee Thoj (2nd Place), and Mai Lee Lor (3rd place).

There were total of 13 people competed in the singing competition, 11 Hmong dancer groups compete for the dancing competition, and 7 Miss Hmong teen compete for the 2018 Miss Hmong Wisconsin Teen.

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