2017 HND Conference – Plenary 2: Politics, Power and Influence

2017 HND Conference – Plenary 2: Politics, Power and Influence

With the federal administration making rampant policy decisions that are negatively impacting immigrant/refugee communities and communities of color, local level politics are emerging as a space to create change and protect vulnerable communities.  Hmong Americans have an opportunity to be at the forefront of these spaces in multiple ways, including grassroots organizing, local campaigns, or running for office.

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During this plenary we will hear from trailblazers from across the country who9 currently hold elected office at various levels.  Together we will ideate, strategize, and envision how to ensure our voices are at the table when it comes to policy making, redistricting, voter engagement and more.

The plenary was moderated by Dr. Mai Moua.

Panelists included: Frederick Kessler (Wisconsin State Assembly, District 12), Susan Pha (Council woman, City of Brooklyn Park, MN), Mary Thao (Board member, Wausau School Board), Yee Leng Xiong (Board Members, DC Everest School Board and Board Supervisor, Marathon County), and Kashoua Kristy Yang (Judge, Milwaukee county circuit court, Branch 47).

2017 Hmong National Development Conference held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin from April 21 to 23, 2017.