2019-20 Sacramento Hmong New Year will be held from November 28 to December 1, 2019


SUAB HMONG NEWS (08/14/2019) – Sacramento Hmong New Year (SHNY) is a four days event hold annually at the CAL EXPO in Sacramento, CA during the Thanksgiving holiday.  It is the second largest event in the Hmong community in California.  The 2019-20 Sacramento Hmong New Year will be held from November 28th to December 1st, 2019.

Main attractions for spectators at the 2019-20 SHNY will be including Miss Hmong California pageant competition, Hmong traditional dancing competition, Hmong Idol (singing) competition, Hmong Hip Hop Break dancing competition (new 2019), and more.

A $10,000.00 grand prize will be presenting to the winner of 2019-20 Miss Hmong California.  All Miss Hmong will be competed for the title of Miss Hmong California must live in California State to qualify to compete.

There will be only one sport compete at the SHNY.  “Volley Ball is the only sport compete at the event for men and women teams” said Lao Vue, Vice President of SHNY.

“We are still accepting application for all the competition at this time” said Lao Vue.   All competition categories must meet the minimum requirement of seven team and more in order to compete.

Vue said there will be scholarship giving to students who graduated from high school and will be attending college or university or currently attending college or university.  Application is opening for potential applicants.

Leo Lee, President of SHNY, said NengChue Vang, one of General Vang Pao’s son, will be the keynote speaker and part of the cutting ribbon for the opening day.

Admission fee will be $5.00 per person.  Senior citizen age 65-year-old and older will qualify for free admission with proof of ID.   Parking fee stay the same as previous year at $10.00 per car.  “Parking fee revenue goes to CAL EXPO directly and we do not get any revenue from it” said Leo Lee.

There will be over 100 vendors at the SHNY to sell variety of products including foods.

For more information, visit Sacramento Hmong New Year website at sacramentohmongnewyear.com or contact Lao Vue at 916.862.9659 for all entertainment information and contact Leo Lee at 916-798-4281 for all general information.