A 19 Years old Hmong arrested for drug traffic in Thailand

 SUAB HMONG NEWS (05/20/2016) –   Based on the Thai Daily News, on May 19, 2016, Thai authority in the Northern part of Thailand received a tip of a drug traffic from the neighbor country into Thailand and will be delivered to vary parts of Thailand.

The tip included the drug trafficker will be using a Pickup Truck ISUZU black with license 1975 and will be using the road to Wiangneur village.

Thai authority went to the mentioned road and wait for the Pickup Truck.

When the pickup truck showed up, Thai authority stopped the Pickup Truck and started to ask questions but the driver of the Pickup Truck started to accelerate on the road and ended up off the road.  Thai authority arrested the driver and found over 2.4 mid-amphetamine tablets worth over 25 million Baht hidden in the Pickup Truck.

The driver identified (based on the Thai Daily News) as Mr. Chan Chai Sae Thao, age 19, a Hmong Hill tribe.

Mr. Chan Chai Sae Thao said he was hired by Mr. Boy (full name is unknown) at Wiang Kaen district, Chiangrai Province, for 5,000 baht to drive the Pickup Truck with the mid-amphetamine tablets to the foot of Doi Phu Chi Fa and there will be someone to drive the Pickup Truck from there on.

There are labels on the drug wrapped in boxes to send to vary parts of Thailand included Kamphaeng Phet province, Ayutthaya, and Bangkok.