A 2014 Hmong New Released Movie “Ntshav Txi Kub”


(SHB) – A 2014 Hmong new released movie “Ntshav Txi Kub” by Kue Lee also best known as “Nuj Phlaib” debuted on the Suab Hmong E-News on November 7, 2014.

Click here to watch Paolee Vang exclusive interview Kue Lee on his 2014 new released movie “Ntshav Txi Kub”.

“Ntshav Txi Kub is a movie about gold (money). When everyone did not have gold then everyone seems to be friendly and equal in all the thing everyone does but when there were plans for business or seeking for gold, then gold could turn everyone’s heart upside down to become enemy…” said Kue Lee.

The movie “Ntxhav Txi Kub” is now available to buy at all Hmong events and most Hmong stores in the United States.

Watch Suab Hmong E-News to get full detail of Paolee Vang exclusive interviewed Kue Lee on his latest released movie.