A Hmong killed in Thailand

SUAB HMONG NEWS (05/01/2016) — Thai authorities responded to calls indicated someone has been shot and died near the Nong Hoi old village in Mae Rim District, Chiangmai in late afternoon on May 1, 2016.

The victim killed identified as Mr. Monchai Techa Lert Pana (99.9% Hmong in Thailand use Thai name as their official name), 46-year-old Hmong hill tribe.

He was a former headman for Moo 7 village, Mae Ram district, Mae Rim, Chiang Mai.

Thai authority found gun wounds on the victim’s body and bullets near the victim’s body.
Further on the Thai authority investigation revealed that the victim resigned as the headman for Moo 7 Village more than 10 years ago.

He works at his orange farm and transport oranges to sell for living.  The victim always went to his orange farm early in the morning.

As on the day he was killed, he went to his farm early in the morning to plant wood to support some the orange trees.

As he was gone more than usual, his relatives followed him to the farm and found him lying dead.

Thai authorities expect the cause of the accident was likely due to the conflicting interests of businesses.

Thai authorities will investigate closely to track down criminals who involved the shooting.