A Hmong Leader, Chia Thao passed away early this week


Milwaukee, WI — Chia Thao passed away early this week at his family home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Chia Thao has been working and helping the Hmong community in Milwaukee for a very long times.  He was the Executive Director for Hmong/American Friendship Association, Inc., for many years and moved on to work as Operation Manager for Lao Family Community in Milwaukee.  After many funding cut, he then left Lao Family Community and worked as a Freelance for states and local projects. During this time, he also served as Executive Director for See Yee Community in Milwaukee for a period of time.

“When I first moved to Wisconsin, I worked with Chia Thao to find ways to get funds for Hmong/American Friendship Association so services could be provided to those that needed in the Hmong Community.  I also had the privileged to work with him for couple years after Hmong/American Friendship Association was funded by the Federal, States, and local private foundations.  Chia Thao was a very determined person, his leadership was one of the leadership that led the creation of Hmong/American Friendship Association Inc., in Milwaukee, Wisconsin” said Richard Wanglue Vang, the founder of Suab Hmong Broadcasting.

Click here to see some photos of Chia Thao during President George Bush’s event in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

Funeral Service:
St Michael’s Congregation
1445 North 24th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53205-1803

Open to public:
November 19, 2010
Start 9:00AM – open 24 hours

November 20, 2010
Open until 2:00 PM

Note. Funeral ends Saturday at 2:00PM.