A Hmong-Thai group gathered to review their Cash Benefit from the Thai government


June 20, 2013, a Hmong-Thai group gathered at Ban Ding Dang (zov Av Liab) in Chiangrai province, Thailand to discuss and review the Cash Benefit they receive from the Thai government from the past two years.

The past two years, majority of its member, each received total Cash Benefit of 225,000 baht or about 7,000.00 U.S. Dollars from the Thai government.

There are still those that haven’t received their Cash Benefit from the Thai government as agree per the Thai government.  The Thai government said they agree to give the benefit to those that have not receive but will replace the Cash Benefit with other things: cows, tree (yangpara), and build road to the village.  The group did not agree to the shifted of the Cash Benefit from the Thai government.

The group planed to set a gathering on June 25, 2013 at Ban Houaxay (Roob hooj kav), Phisounalok province Thailand to call the Thai government to give Cash Benefit to its members instead of replacing it with other things.

The Hmong leader leading the group are Nao Deng Lee (Nom Dee Lis or หมอแดง) and Tshuas Pov Lis.

Article contributed by Kaying Vang in Thailand.