A New Chair elected for Hmong Heritage Preservation Committee in Minnesota


Tha Ying Her was elected as the chair to lead the Hmong Heritage Preservation Committee (HHPC) to take on the conflict of the Minnesota Hmong New Year that started late in 2013.

Click here to watch Suab Hmong News exclusive covered the election for the chair to lead the HHPC on December 29, 2013.

Tha Ying Her said his current plan is to form the board included the Executive Committee: Chair and Vice Chair, 2 Treasurers, and 2 Secretaries.   “Under this Executive Committee, there will be 9 sub committees.  We won’t be able to create the 9 sub committees today so we planned to do this at home… to call people to volunteer to represent each committee… When we completed this then we will start our function…” said Tha Ying Her.

Xa Lee, best known for one of the first Hmong Musician, said that he worried about how the Lao Family Foundation handling its function for the Hmong New Year.  “I worry in away… I disagree with them… Like I mentioned… I would like to see the Hmong community has the right to involve in the decision and financial process…” said Xa Lee.

Ying Vang, former Executive Director for Lao Family Community of Minnesota, said “we need to think before we do…”

Stay tune for the latest development of the conflict of the Minnesota Hmong New Year right here.