A Thai public official (ชาดา ไทยเศรษฐ์) uses the word “Meo” for the Hmong in Thailand

Thai public official called Hmong "Meo" in Thailand.

SUAB HMONG NEWS (07/11/2019) – A video clip surfaced on the Social Media (Facebook) on a Thai public official (name ชาดา ไทยเศรษฐ์) calls “Meo” for Hmong during a political session in Thailand.

“I am Chat Tee Phan… I am not coming from anywhere but I am a Chat Tee Phan.  If one wear a suit Meo or suit Chat Tee Phan, please wear all the time during the meeting.   I need you to look into this issue in the future” said the Thai public official appear on the video clip.

Translation from the description of the video clip:

10/7/62 ชาดา ไทยเศรษฐ์ ส.ส.ภูมิใจไทย จ.อุทัยธานี ใช้คำว่า “แม้ว” กลางสภา สำหรับคนม้งถือว่าเป็นคำไม่สุภาพและไม่ให้เกียรติคนม้ง ระดับ ส.ส.น่าจะรู้ดี

07/10/2019 10/7/62 Chada Thai Set, MP Proud Thai, Uthai Thani Province, using the word “Meo” in the middle of the council on the Hmong.  Hmong people considered disrespectful when someone call them “Meo” instead of “Hmong”. This Thai MP should know it better.

Watch the video clip: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=2342031369353546

Hmong individuals responded this incident through the Social Media labeling this Thai MP is an uneducated person and he should be ashamed of himself by using the word “Meo” instead of “Hmong”.  Some individuals are calling Hmong leaders in Thailand to take some actions toward this Thai MP and work with the Thai government to make a resolution to stop such abusive word against the Hmong people.

The word “Miao” in China represent a name for a minority group that combined a similar cultures and custom together and Hmong is one group with in the Miao.  The word “Meo” used by the Laotian to the Hmong in Laos in the past and Thailand, recently, is a term of a hatred and disrespect against the Hmong.