An ex-wife and her boyfriend killed by her estranged husband

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SUAB HMONG NEWS (12/12/207) – Merced authorities received a call on Saturday December 9, 2017 to a resident on the 1200 hundred block of Daybreak Drive for two people not breathing. When they arrived, they found a 41-year-old woman and a Hispanic man dead in the master room.

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At first, police say the scene was made to look like a murder-suicide but after investigating police believe the suspect shot his wife and her boyfriend, then took his own life. Linda Vue and her boyfriend are dead after police say her estranged husband, Tom Vue, killed them both in a crime of passion, then killed himself hours later.

Sgt. Curt Gorman of the Merced Police Department said, “It’s a domestic violence incident that’s really gone as far south as it can go.”

Police then set their eyes on Tom Vue, the woman’s husband. Investigators say after searching the city, they finally found him an hour later, dead. Investigators believe he killed himself in his truck in South Merced.

Neighbors say they did not hear anything Friday night but woke up to the crime scene.
Many say the family kept to themselves but they never thought anything like this would happen on their street.

The case is still an ongoing investigation.