Answering Question and Resulted of Winners of 2014 Miss Hmong Wisconsin


Eight Miss Hmong participated in the 2014 Miss Hmong Pageant contestant competition to win the title of Miss Hmong Wisconsin to represent the Wisconsin Hmong community for the year 2014.

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The question for each pageant was “Puas tsim nyog kom peb haiv neeg Hmoob muaj ib txoj kev ntseeg, ua li koj ho xav li cas?” translated in English “Is it reasonable for the Hmong community to have one believe, what do you think?”

Many of the audiences said that the question should narrow down to what believe.  Also many of the audience think that some of the judges may not know the right answer and may not posted points correctly to the pageant.

“Hmong dancing, singing, and other competitions are very professional in the Hmong community now a day… I would like to see more qualified persons like former musician, pageants, movie and media producers or so forth to run the show instead of these people that have no background of the technical entertainment… if we do, the show will be more fun and will draw more crowd to the event and the shows will look more professional to the eye of the mainstream… Also judges to judge the competitions must go through a screening process make to the public like having Suab Hmong News to cover and make available for the Hmong community to see… I am sure that some of the judges they picked to judge the competitions have no idea on the technical side but only score on what impress them… ” said an anonymous spectator who does not wanted to be identified.

“I gave the girls credit… for me this question is very hard… although they answered it really good… I think this question is hard…” said Mrs. ZongXeng Xiong, Public Relation for Milwaukee Hmong New Year.

Miss Paj Neeb Lis won the title of Miss Hmong Wisconsin 2014.  Miss Nkauj Xwb Lauj won 2nd place and Miss Npauj Hawj won 3rd place.

Miss Paj Neeb Lis said she will find ways to see scholarship to help Hmong student to continue higher education.  Miss Nkauj Xwb Lauj and Npauj Hawj said they will pursue education.

suabhmongnews-0000166Miss Paj Ntsa Vaj, Miss Hmong Wisconsin 2013, said farewell to the audience before the final round of the Miss Hmong Wisconsin competition begins.

Paj Ntsa Vaj is also a Reporter for Suab Hmong News.  You will continue seeing her on Suab Hmong News and Entertainment on TV, YouTube, and public appearance.

Stay tune for a Suab Hmong exclusive video highlight of Paj Ntsa Vaj, Miss Hmong Wisconsin 2013, coming up.