Attorney Herman Franck represents a Hmong case against the US


Attorney Herman Franck, a private lawyer, is representing a Civil case for the three American citizens (Dang Vang, Chufue Vang, and Nhia Kao Vang) that accused by the US government for plotting to overthrow the Lao government.

a0CLICK HERE to watch Ted Vang, News Anchor for Hmong Report, exclusive interviewed Attorney Herman Franck on the process of the Civil case.
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Attorney Franck appealed the case at the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit on May 15, 2015 in San Francisco, California.

“Today we had oral arguments in the United States court of appeals Ninth circuit on the case we have filed for malicious prosecution of the underlying criminal case that happened in Sacramento. The good news is the three judges heard the appeal today make quite few remarks that show me that looks like we are going to win. I wanted to clarify that they did not make a decision today but I can tell a lot by the discussion between the judges and the attorneys about what they think and the bottom-line what they think is that we have a case to be made that my clients were factually innocent of waging a war in Laos and the criminal case brought against them was done without probable cause and was done maliciously. Hopefully this case will result in a big decision that will be reversed, it will go back to Sacramento and we will then get to proof that my clients, the plaintiffs here, will factually innocent.” Said Frank Herman.

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