China Eastern Airline, the worse airline with connecting flight in China from the United States to Thailand


SUAB HMONG NEWS (01/03/2017) – China Eastern Airline maybe the only International Airline that has the lower fair from the United States to Thailand but wait until you get to China for your next connecting flight and you will experience something that you may never see or went through before.   At lease it happened to us.

Lower airfare from the United States to Thailand.

The customer service phone number listed (1-800-200-5118) on their website when called no one answer.  It went into a double beep mode and shut it off.
There is no online check-in.

When Check-in, the counter attendant cannot see the next flight scheduled.  You will need to check-in at the next counter after you landed to get your next flight information.

No International connection hall way in China, all international connections must enter in to China through their immigration custom for temporary visa.

98% of Chinese Immigration Custom cannot speak English.

Must print a list of the flight scheduled with you to prove to the Chinese Immigration Custom in order for you to enter into China for your next connecting flight.  During my trip, the Chinese Immigration Custom said to me “You have to proof that you can stay in China” and I replied “I do not want to stay in China, the airline make me transfer my flight in China” and the Chinese Immigration Custom got really mad.  She make her face expression really scary.

No announcement in the airline to fill out the entering Immigration Custom paper.  We found it out when a Chinese Immigration Custom was yelling to everyone.

Hardly no people check-in through the Chinese Immigration Custom line.  When we got there, one of the Chinese official make a call and two Chinese Immigration Custom show up and started check people in.

We encountered two incidents that almost got into fight between one of the pilot and one of the Chinese Immigration Custom and between one of the flight attendant and an American customer.   They were yelling very loud that you could hear from about a half mile.  All the Chinese security just stood there and watch.  No one did anything.

China is a no smiling country.  All we heard just yelling and shouting and running.  I felt like I was in some type of criminal that I need to follow their direction.  One time, one of the Chinese Immigration Custom told us to run to a room then nothing happened there.

Personally, I do not recommended anyone to fly China Eastern Airline until China improve their Immigration Custom process and their Airline Computer System to allow the Flight attendant counter to see all the connecting flights like every other airlines.
If you do wanted to fly China Eastern Airline to save money.  Good Luck!