Dai Thao, St. Paul Council member, runs for St. Paul Mayor

SUAB HMONG NEWS (03/15/2017) – Dai Thao, St. Paul Council member, is now on the race to win the election to become the first Hmong Mayor for the City of St. Paul on November 2017.

CLICK HERE to watch Suab Hmong News one on one with Dai Thai talk about his mission and vision.

Below is taken from Dai Thao website:

Council member Dai Thao believes that Saint Paul is at a pivotal moment in need of leadership that will stand with the people despite the uncertainty at the state and federal governments. Our city needs a bold direction that will tackle the racial disparities gap that is crippling our economy, make sure that our city services operate equitably across all neighborhoods, and assure that residents are invested in because they are the infrastructure of our community and economy. To do this, our community deserves tenacious leadership from an invested, hardworking and responsive Mayor who can both listen to and empathize with the diverse residents of St. Paul. Dai is a proud and determined progressive who will help us ensure a more prosperous and secure future for the Capital City.

For more information, visit Dai Thao’s website at http://www.daithao.org  or contact Dai Thao directly at 763-443-6243.