Domestic Violence led to the killing of two Laotian ethnic in Laos


SUAB HMONG NEWS (04/19/2020) — Videos posted on Facebook on April 18, 2020 show two people died on the ground.   The person who took the video narrated that the incident involved a husband killed two people, the husband’s own wife and his own mother in-law.

As indicated on the video, the incident took place around 8:00 A.M. in the morning of April 18, 2020 at Thong Na Mee village in Borikhamxay province, Laos.  The husband identified as Pao Koua Xiong-21-year-old and the deceased wife identified as Da Lee Yang-20-year-old.  The mother in-law identified as Wa Tong Yang’s wife “Niam Vam Tooj Yaj “.  Due to the wife busy scheduled for the day, she called her husband to pick up their two children to drop at his parent’s house so they could watch them.  The wife was living with her parent due to last three domestic violence and a divorce is pending with the Lao court.  Some arguments occurred while the husband arrived and he killed his wife.  The mother in-law saw the incident and she rushed out to the scene and begging her son in-law to stop the killing and her son in-law turned around and kill her died on the scene with a sharp long knife.

Wa Tong Yang, Pao Koua Xiong’s wife’s father, said that his son in-law and his daughter were having domestic issues in the past leading to the killing.  “He hit my daughter three times in the past; he hit her very extreme until she fainted and we took her to the hospital then she woke up there.  The reason he kept hitting her was that he wanted to have sex with her right after she labored each of her baby and she did not let him and he hit her” said Wa Tong Yang, the father of the deceased daughter.

Wa Tong Yang continues said that his daughter moved in with them and the divorce process is pending with the Lao court.  “Due to the coronavirus, the Lao court closed their office and that’s why the divorce has not been finalized” said Tong Yang.

Pao Koua Xiong is now in custody of the Lao authority.