Expansion of Milwaukee’s Asian Market Phongsavan will begin early June 2014


(SHB) – The expansion of Milwaukee’s Asian Market Phongsavan, a Hmong owned business, finally is on a construction project aimed to complete in about 14 months.

Click here to watch Suab Hmong News exclusive interviewed the owner of the Milwaukee’s Asian Market Phongsavan and the construction manager oversee the expansion of the building on May 31, 2014.

Milwaukee’s Asian Market Phongsavan owned by a Hmong couple, Tou Vang and Pai Yang.

Tou Vang said that it took almost five years for them to reach their goal to expand the market to a bigger one.

“The new building will have three sections. One section is for the mini markets and offices. The second section is for restaurants and there will be total of 11 restaurants. And the third section is totally different from other places… like a place for hold Hmong New Year or other events… it is huge and it is almost 20,000 square foot. It will accommodate thousand and thousand people” said Tou Vang.

“The entire project should take about depends on the winter should take a year to 14 months to occupy and be opened and so we expected and if we have a great year we could be standing at the new building next year at this time…” said Ben, the Construction Project Manager.