FBI meeting with the Minnesota Hmong Community regard to the Hmong Country on 10/07/2015 has been cancelled


SUAB HMONG NEWS (10/06/2015) — ANNOUNCEMENT: We, Suab Hmong News, have been informed that the meeting set for 10/07/2015 for the FBI to meet with the Minnesota Hmong community in St. Paul, Minnesota regard to the HMONG TEB CHAWS has been cancelled.   We will stay close to the Hmong representative who is in charge of the case and we will let everyone know when we have updated info.
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Please keep in mind that the persons in charge of HMOOB TEB CHAWS have not been charged for anything. Please keep the information as it is and do not further change its content. Thanks everyone!


LUS TSHAJ TAWM: Peb Suab Hmoob tau txais lus los ntawm cov tswj txog Lub rooj kev sib tham teem rau lub 10/07/2015 ntawm tsoom hwv FBI tuaj ntsib cov sawv cev ntawm Hmoob uas yog yuav muaj kev sib tham txog ntawm pab neeg tswj txog HMOOB TEB CHAWS nyob rau hauv nroog St. Paul, Minnesota hais tias tau muab ncua lawm.   Yog muaj dab tsis peb SUAB HMOOB mam li tshaj tawm rau sawv daws paub txog.  

Nco ntsoov hais tias nyob rau lub sij hawm no tsis tau muaj ib leeg twg cov tswj rau ntawm HMOOB TEB CHAWS raug txim thiab raug kaw.   Xav kom cov phooj ywg sawv daws paub meej li ntawv thiab txhob lam tau lam hais lus li ub li no.   Ua tsaug ntau!

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