Five Hmong-Vietnamese student bodies found at Krong Bong District, Dak Lak province in Vietnam


(SHB)  — Early March 13, 2014, 5 bodies discovered rotting in the sand near a river by residence in Dak Lak province in Vietnam.  Vietnamese official said the 5 bodies have been identified and they were Hmong students from the Hmong village nearby.  The caused of death is still unknown at this time.
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Relatives identified the victims are Wenping Ma (age 19), Van Bang Giang and Hung Ly Seo (both age 18).  They were high school students at Tran Hung Dao (Cu Dram Commune, Krong Bong district, Dak Lak province). Two other victims are Seo Feng Li (age 13) and Gold Quang Vinh (age 17).

Vinh ‘s family said the victims left to school since Monday March 3, 2014.  

Official at Tran Hung Dao High School said that each student allowed 3 absents.  Due to the many days absents of the victims, the school already reported the victims to the Education Department at Krong Bong district.

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