Former Col. Ly Teng given his Feedback on Sisouk Vang’s Press Release; If we have the intention to fix the issue, it can be fixed


(SHIB) — Former Col. Ly Teng given his feedback on the latest press release by Sisouk Vang, one of General Vang Pao’s son, on September 24, 2014 to call the Hmong 18 Clans in Minnesota to come together to find solution to solve the ongoing issues on the Minnesota Hmong New Year, Hmong July 4th Event, and Lao Family Community.
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Former Col. Ly Teng said the issues can be fixed if everyone has the intention to. “I don’t see this is a major problem… if we the leaders not involved and taking side and we stay to the side and we call both sides to come together and fix it then it should be already solved…” said former Col. Ly Teng.

Watch Suab Hmong News exclusive interviewed former Col. Ly Teng for detail information on his feedback on Sisouk Vang’s Press Release.

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