Full Coverage of the winning Election of Tou Xiong and Dai Thao for Councilman in Minnesota


SUAB HMONG NEWS (11/05/2015) — Tou Xiong is the first born Hmong in the United States to win the election for the Councilman for the City of Maplewood in Minnesota.

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“I am so happy to win and I am telling everyone at home and out there that we are winning for real this time…” said Tou Xiong.

“I am so happy to win the second term. Thank you everyone who live in Ward 1 or Frog Town to go out and voted for me” said Dai Thao.

Dai Thao said he will be focusing to get more employment for people age 16 to 21 in his area.

“I will be working with banks and businesses to employ more people in my area. In St. Paul, I will be working to pass a law to allow those that are in need to take medical leave from his/her work and be able to come back to work and to keep his/her job. I will be working with the Police Department to get video camera to attach to the individual police to ensure fairness when they did their job for all type of people” said Dai Thao.

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