General Vang Pao Vision Committee Press Release



Release Date: May 18, 2013

Fresno, CA — On May 18, 2013, the General Vang Pao Vision Committee, lead by Mr. Vaming Xiong, will be dissolved and merged with the committee that is lead by Mr. Neng Chu Vang, one of General Vang Pao’s sons. Mr. Neng Chu Vang will be the interim chairman to carry on his father’s vision into the future.

After General Vang Pao passed away, many committees rose up to try to carry forward his vision for the Hmong community. This created pockets of committees everywhere making it impossible to definitively implement the vision as there are several leaders.   Recognizing this as the roadblock that will prevent the Hmong community from being united, Mr. Vaming Xiong’s committee decided that the best thing to do is to merge with Mr. Neng Chu Vang’s committee since both committees have been working on the same vision for the last two years.

Mr. Vaming Xiong said, “It is time to unite the people under one umbrella, one leadership, and one vision. Mr. Neng Chu Vang is the most qualified and has the ability to unite and implement his father’s vision at this critical time until a new chairman is elected. He has 30 years of experiences with his father and knows his father’s vision well. So far he already has the support of Hmong community in California, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, North and South Carolina, Georgia, and Arkansas.   Mr. Neng Chu Vang is a unique leader to lead the Hmong people into the next century for love, forgiveness, trust, unity, and prosperity.”{sidebar id=1}

Hmong people in California and key leaders are expected to attend the press conference Saturday, May 18, 2013 at 10:00 AM at the Hmong International New Year Office located in Fresno to congratulate Mr. Neng Chu Vang and his newly appointed committee. Mr. Neng Chu Vang will assume the responsibility immediately.

Mr. Neng Chu Vang stated, “My father’s vision is not easy but we can accomplish it if we remain united and support each other.”

For more information, please contact Mr. Vaming Xiong at 530-521-8631 or e-mail at


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