Gom Kotsombat, a Thai-American musician and singer


SUAB HMONG ENTERTAINMENT — Gom Kotsombat is a Thai-American who is a musician and a singer. He performed with Chao Thao, best known as Cuab Suab, at the 2015 Asian Memorial Festival from May 23 to 24, 2015 at Brown County Fairground near Green Bay, Wisconsin.

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“This is the first time I am a part of the Hmong event and I really like it. Thank you very much and I wanted to come back. Today, I see the Hmong dancer groups performed and it is good to keep this cultural going…” said Gom Kotsombat.

Gom Kotsombat sent a message to all Thai people in Thailand “To all Thai people in Thailand, if you see Hmong people, please love one another… as brothers and sisters… because in this world, we seems to be one world already…”

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