GVP Memorial Golf tournament drew more than 100 golfers to compete


SUAB HMONG NEWS (06/15/2016) — The 3rd Annual GVP Memorial Golf tournament held in St. Paul, Minnesota during the Memorial weekend.  More than 100 golfers participated in the tournament.

CLICK HERE to watch Suab Hmong News (KANGYEE VANG) covered the 3rd Annual GVP Memorial Golft tournament on May 29, 2016 in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Wachong Vang, one of General Vang Pao’s son, said the GVP Memorial Golf tournament started two years ago and this year marked the third annual GVP Memorial Golf tournament.

“Based on the chair of the event, an estimated total of 120 golfers competed in the GVP Memorial Golf tournament.

Two from Canada and two from France” said Wachong Vang.

“The golfers participated in the GVP Memorial Tournament this year included Hmong, Thai, Cambodia, and Vietnamese.

All the golfers are top golfers coming from all of the states including Canada and France” said Chengxue Vang, Chair of the GVP Memorial Golf Tournament.

The GVP Memorial Golf Tournament held annually during the Memorial weekend.
KANGYEE VANG, News Correspondent for Suab Hmong News, was taking a lesson from FaiDang Lor on how to hit a golf ball.