Happy New Year 2013… Nyob Zoo Xyoo Tshiab 2013… from Suab Hmong Broadcasting


Everyone at Suab Hmong International Broadcasting Co. also known as SHIBC extended our best wishes for everything to SHIBC fans around the world.

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SHIBC has been volunteering serving the Hmong community since May 11, 2000.

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Mission Statement
To broadcast information news, talk show on vary topics, and entertainment to the Hmong community.
What is Suab Hmong Radio?
Suab Hmong Radio is an independence radio program broadcasts its base from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Richard Wanglue Vang called it “a better way to communicate with the Hmong community” and he also called it “interacting with the Hmong community”.  It was established on May 1, 2000.

Suab Hmong Radio broadcasted its first radio program on May 11, 2000 on a local radio station 1250 AM and later expanded to WMSE 91.7 FM in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Suab Hmong Radio website was up and running on August 10, 2000.
Suab Hmong Radio focuses on topics that affecting the Hmong community.  Our radio programs included information on education, health, legal system, cultural, news, breaking news, and entertainment.
In late 2009, Suab Hmong Radio partnership with Hmong Report At 7 in Sacramento, CA, together, to bring you the latest accurate up to date breaking news from the Hmong community around the globe.

Broadcasting Coverage Range
We discontinued our local radio programs on the local radio stations due to the limitations that prevented us to pursue our goals and visions. Suab Hmong Radio audiences are not only from the Milwaukee area but from around the nation and other countries.  To do open radio broadcasting is the right choice for us to move into.
On February 26, 2010, we launched Suab Hmong Radio “Suab Hmong Radio TalkShow” on BlogTalkRadio.  BlogTalkRadio’s features give us the flexibility to maintain and broadcast Suab Hmong Radio programs as we expected.  We are able to do LIVE TalkShow with Hmong representatives and leaders around the world with just a phone call.  Anyone can listen to Suab Hmong Radio while we LIVE by calling 347-855-8091 or listen online while we LIVE or after the LIVE show ended on Suab Hmong Website.  Any one from anywhere around the world can call-in and ask questions during the LIVE show.

Suab Hmong Radio and the Hmong community
Suab Hmong Radio staffs work closely with Hmong community leaders, representatives, and individuals to bridge and fill the communication gaps.   We bring Hmong leaders, representatives, , Hmong entrepreneurs, and individuals to the Suab Hmong Radio TalkShow to talk about ideas, events, and opinions that are surfacing the Hmong community.

What can you do for Suab Hmong Radio?
Suab Hmong Radio staffs are a volunteer group.  We volunteer our times to bring you free of charge on the Latest News, Special News Video LIVE Coverage, and TalkShow on the radio on topics that are surfacing the Hmong community, and entertainment.

If you need more info, click here to contact us.