Hmong actress Yer Lor best known as “Niam Fav” passed away


SUAB HMONG NEWS (11/04/209) – Yer Lor (Ntxawm Lauj) best known in her many movie role as “Niam Fav” passed away on November 5, 2019 in Thailand at the age of 62.

She appeared on many videos on Youtube and indicated that she diagnosed with cervical cancer on April 30, 2019.  Her doctor recommended to treat her through chemo and she refused.  “I am telling you that I am 62 years old now.  I am old and I won’t go through chemo.  With my age, if I go through chemo, I will die either through chemo or hunger” said Yer Lor on a Youtube video dated May 5, 2019.

She played her role as “Niam Fav” in many Hmong movies.   She was very popular and well known in her movie role among the elder throughout the Hmong community.