Hmong Actresses are on the mainstream movie


SUAB HMONG E-NEWS — Debra Kue and Salina Kue are two Hmong Actresses that are acting on a new upcoming movie “House Nocturne” (not a Hmong movie) which will be released sometimes in October 2015.

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Debra Kue plays a role as Becky and Salina Kue plays the role of Melody Combs in the movie.

The movie is based on stories telling in a nightclub.

“It will be a night club where the words “creature of the dark” that’s where they go… that’s where they go to socialize, they go there to party, they go there to share stories and when they are sharing stories, we as viewers get the chance to see them…” said Kenneth Scrues, Producer and Director of the movie.

Christopher T. Vang is the Cinematographer and Editor of the movie.

“My job and my role is to take his script, his visions, and put it out there on the screen” said Christopher T. Vang.

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