Hmong Leadership Training by Hmong Nationalities Organization, Inc.


Hmong Nationalities organizations, Inc.

Hmong Leadership Training (Free of Charge!)
Open for Public

Topics:     Hmong National Pillars: Culture; Language; National Story; Religion; Social System of Governance; Hmong Existing Leadership Paradigm vs. HNO Leadership Paradigm; HNO’s Vision, Mission, Strategies, By-laws, Organizational Structures; & Endowment

When:         April 13, 2013, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Where:         3824 W. Vliet Street
                   Milwaukee, WI 53208
                   (414) 344-6575

Trainers:     Dr. Xoua Thao, Dr. Shoua Yang, or Dr. Neal Thao  

Contact:     Mr. Nhia Neng Vang (414) 232-2510
                 Mr. Za Ying Yang (920) 287-4117