Hmong Morse Code Translator Reunion after more than 30 years


More than 500 Hmong selected and trained at Hua Hin, Thailand and became Morse Code Translator to help the United States C.I.A. during the Secret War in Laos. 75 Hmong who served in the Morse Code Translator are still alive and living in the United States as 2012.

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“One, the purpose of the reunion of this radio operator, we think 40 years passed by that we the Morse Code Translator were the one make all possible for way in way out of the war… so we used to have about 500 to 600 operators but now about 70 to 80 left… so we came and think about our legacy and the meaning behind it. Two, we wanted to let our sons and daughters and the younger generation to know what we did… that’s why we called one another north, south, to get everyone together…” said Chao Lee, Former Captain of Morse Code Translator.

62 Hmong Morse Code Translator attended the reunion.

“The ones who got the training for this radio operator must have higher education. The minimum education must be a high school graduated” said Chai Her, Former Morse Code Translator.

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