Hmong political candidates won their 2016 Election

SUAB HMONG NEWS (11/09/2016) – Hmong political candidates in Minnesota won their 2016 race on November 8, 2016.
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Senator Foung Hawj continues his second four years term to represent the 67th District (Eastside of St. Paul, MN)
Fue Lee will take his new role as State Representative for District 59A in Minneapolis, MN.
Susan Pha will take her new role as City Council Ward W (Brooklyn Park, MN).
Election results:
State Senator District 67   
Krysia Weidell         7091     24.55% 
Foung Hawj           21696    75.11%    
WRITE-IN**               98    0.34%    
State Representative District 59A   
Jessica Newville    2903    18.60%    
Fue Lee        12585    80.62%    
WRITE-IN**               123    0.79%    
Council Member Ward W (Brooklyn Park)   
Nonpartisan               Amy S. Hanson        3784    42.55%    
Nonpartisan               Susan Pha               5032    56.58%    
WRITE-IN**               WRITE-IN**                77    0.87%  
Steve Ly won Mayor of City of Elk Grove in California to become the first Hmong Mayor in the city of Elk Grove, CA.
Congratulation to all candidates!