Hmong Service Center takes over Lao Hmong National Summer Festival, Labor Day


by Richard Wanglue Vang

Milwaukee, WI — One of the Hmong biggest event in the United States known as “Lao Hmong National Summer Festival” held annually during the Labor Day weekend in Wisconsin, is now taking over by Hmong Service Center, a Hmong base non-profit organization in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.  This is due to lack of a non-profit organization status that disqualified the event to be held at the Winnebago County Park in Oshkosh, Wisconsin according to a Suab Hmong News exclusive interviewed Bee Lee, President of Hmong Service Center. 

A new group, the Hmong Service Center, is now taking over the event. The new event name is now called the “Hmong Wisconsin National Labor Day Sports Tournament”.{sidebar id=1}
Click here to watch Suab Hmong News exclusive interviewed Bee Lee, President of Hmong Service Center, on his role to hold the event forward.

Bee Lee, President of the Hmong Service Center, said that he met more than once with Lao Hmong National Summer Festival group to try to compromise the finances from the event to support his organization, however, both parties did not settle on an agreement. This led to some legal issues, and as a result, the Winnebago County Officials made the decision to grant the event to Bee Lee and his organization. They are now going to use the park to hold their event for fundraising to help the Hmong Service Center organization.

“We limited the food vendors to 26 vendors only because we wanted them to make some profit to help their business as well…” said Bee Lee, President of Hmong Service Center.

Bee Lee also added that the main attraction for the 2012 event is the two elite Hmong soccer teams. The teams will be combined with the top Hmong soccer players in the United States to compete in a showcase game for spectators to watch and witness how Hmong soccer have progress.

Admission per person will be $3.00 and free admission for senior citizen and minor children of very young age.

Lao Hmong National Summer Festival group has been contacted by Suab Hmong News and they agreed to do an exclusive interview with Suab Hmong News.  We hope to bring the exclusive interview to you soon.

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