Hmong SGU Basi for Col. Bill Lair


Hmong SGU group in Minnesota held a Basi for Col. Bill Lair on July 4, 2013 in St. Paul, Minnesota.

a0Click here to watch Suab Hmong News exclusive covered Hmong SGU group in Minnesota held a Basi for Col Bill Lair on July 4, 2013.
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“I am very please to be here to see all my old friends… I am glad to see many of you still healthy and the… doing well… and the I congratulated you for the great service you did great in Laos…   for your country… and the US… and the.. I hope to see you all again many times… I am pretty old… I am 89 years old… and the… my healthy still good so I believed I will see you all again… and again I thank you very much for your service to the US… and the I am very please that y’all be able to come to the US and that y’all are doing so well… I remembered that the… when the decision was getting ready to be made on what to do with the Hmong and when they’re all fled to Thailand… and the American government didn’t know the Hmong very well at all so they asked me how did I think the  Hmong will do in the US.. how do they get along… Actually I don’t believed any questions they won’t get along fine because… well… they… are bright people and they will learn so quickly and they will adjust to the life in the US…I am very happy to see that since you came and that has been true… you all have good life here… you managed well.. you have become very good American citizen… I am very happy that my recommendation to the US came true… I hope to see y’all again next year… ” said Col. Bill Lair.

Col. Bill Lair continued said in an interviewed with Richard Wanglue Vang, News Anchor for Suab Hmong News, that the reason the Hmong got here to the United Stated because they always working together.  “Now that you are in the United States… and I believed that it is very important that you all continue to work together…and… don’t fight eachother… “

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