Hmong Student Association at UWM held a debate forum for the presidential candidates for Hmong 18C of WI


(SHB) – The Hmong Student Association (HSA) at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) held a debate forum for the presidential candidates, Blia Yao Lo, Nao Vai Yang, and Xou Khang, for the Hmong 18 Council of Wisconsin to debate on the issues of Gender Equality, Plans for Inter-Generation, and Divorce and Wedding Issues.
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a0Click here to watch Suab Hmong News exclusive covered HSA debate forum held on October 26, 2016. Note. The Debate you are about to watch only show the two questions asked and answered by the presidential candidate, Blia Yao Lo’s team.

The two presidential candidates, Nao Vai Yang and Xou Khang, cancelled their debate appearance at the UWM. Both of them sent emails to HSA to confirm their cancellation and sent words to the audience and the Hmong community.

Pao Choua Vue, the Director of Hmong Human Rights at the UWM, expressed his concerns and disappointment of Nao Vai Yang and Xou Khang for their cancellation of their debate appearance at the UWM.

“It’s brought to my attention that several other candidates cannot be here… it’s kind discouraging and disappointing… I am not disappointed but… umm… it’s ok cause… that’s on their parts…it’s optional whether they wanted to be here or not… but I just wanna make one quick point about… not a quick point but… something that… ummm… was kind the disturbing… one of the email that we received from one of the candidate.. I quote “I do not believed the student body of HSA representing the public… it is our obligation and our best interested to carry our part and comittment with Hmong community in Wisconsin at this point…” so… basically what he’s saying here is that he does not believed that the youth has power and he does not believed that the youth can make the difference and…what’s happening here… he… not degrading but does not see us as enforceable force which completely goes against our HHR value…” said Pao Choua Vue.

The Hmong American Women’s Association, Inc., co-sponsored the debate forum raised concerns on Domestic Violent in the Hmong community.

The opening ceremony speech included Yer Yang, Vice President of Hmong 18 Council of Wisconsin and Richard (Tswv Choj) Vang, a Hmong Business Owner in Milwaukee.

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