Hmongism religion simplify from Hmong traditional religion

Hmongism is a Hmong new religion simplified from Hmong traditional religion.

SUAB HMONG NEW (10/27/2018) — Hmongism is a new Hmong religion simplified from Hmong traditional religion.  Stated on its website “The mission the Temple of Hmongism is to simplify our traditional religious practices in order to dramatically reduce time and money and to inspire future generations to proudly remain with Hmongism as their faith”.

CLICK HERE to watch Neng Xiong, News Correspondent for Suab Hmong News, follow up with Kaying Vang on the latest of Hmongism.

Kaying Vang, Hmongism, said the simplify process make it easier for any Hmong who wanted to stay in the Hmong religion to follow.   He added that many of the Hmong traditional religious practices included some of the process that are no longer valid in the 21st century.

Most of Hmongism’s members are in Minnesota.  “There are 79 family members live in Minnesota and more than 40 families live elsewhere” said Kaying Vang.

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