In Loving Memory of Fue Thao


SUAB HMONG NEWS — ShouaSheng Thao’s father, Fue Thao, passed away in Thailand on July 6, 2015 and she is calling for your financial support to help pay for funeral expenses for her father.

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The following words are taken from the donation site:

It’s been 9 years since I saw my father Fue Thao. We were separated when my mother, siblings and I moved to the United States about 11 years ago from Wat Thum Kra Bok refugee camp in Saraburi, Thailand. My father has been dealing with heart problems for a while now. My older siblings would sometimes gather money and send them to Thailand for his medical expenses. This time, he no longer needs the money for medications.

On July 6th 2015, I receive a phone call from my older sister that my father was in the emergency room. About an hour later my mom called with the heartbreaking news that my aunt has called to confirmed my father’s death.

Because this will be the very last time we see him, I really wish that all my siblings could say good bye to him. But it’s unfortunate that the amount of money we have won’t even be enough to cover the all funeral expenses. For this reason, only a few of us are able to attend his funeral in Thailand this month. He has been waiting for so long for us to visit him. My sisters and I had already made plans to visit him this New Year and take our mom and little brothers to see him since he misses them so dearly and talk about them over and over. He’s been working hard on his rice farm this year. He said that he wants to prepare rice because his kids are going to visit him in the New Year time. We’re only half way there and he’s already gone.

I am grateful for all the support from close friends and family members. Any donations would mean the world to me. I haven’t done enough in this lifetime as his daughter. I just kept thinking that I will give him the world once I’m able to. But I didn’t know that my time has run out before I know. This may be my only opportunity to give him what he wanted most and bring my little brothers to see him for the very last time.