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The Case: In 2007, several men were charged with violating the Neutrality Act, which prohibits Americans from interfering with foreign governments. This included the long-revered General Vang Pao, former Army Lt. Col. Harrison Jack, Lo Cha Thao, Lo Thao, Youa True Vang, Hue Vang, Chong Vang Thao, Seng Vue, Chue Lo, and Nhia Kao Vang. They also are charged with conspiring to export the machine guns and other weapons without a license from the U.S. State Department, and conspiring to kill and maim people and damage property in a foreign country.

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Although we rejoiced when hearing the prosecution has dropped charges against General Vang Pao, due to insufficient evidence against him, charges still remain for the other men. Two more men, Jerry Yang and Thomas Yang were added to the list. Former CIA Chief William Colby has also criticized the charges by stating the government should have taken more time to evaluate the evidences before taking action that a threat was imminent.

The superseding indictment says the 12 defendants plotted to buy nearly $10 million in weapons from an undercover agent from the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosive to equip a mercenary force intent on overthrowing the communist government of Laos.

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Evidence demonstrates that government agents in this case made false statements and material omissions in their sworn affidavits, which have fundamentally mischaracterized the defendants’ alleged conduct – the Prosecution repeated many of those misstatements, even while they held clear and irrefutable evidence. This violates the due process clause—requiring this Case be DISMISSED!

1. MISCONDUCT: Agents fabricated supposedly incriminating exchanges between the undercover ATF agent and General Vang Pao which appear nowhere on the tape recording of the single occasion on which they met and they (Agents/Prosecutors) failed to mention that the General assailed the idea of an insurgency in Laos, forbade anyone to participate in such a plan, and forbid more violence in Laos.
REALITY: On 9/18/09, the Prosecution dropped all charges against General Vang Pao due to lack of evidence.

2. MISCONDUCT: In sworn affidavits, Prosecution repeated the case started when one defendant contacted a “defense contractor” and tried to purchase weapons.
REALITY: Evidence shows the man contacted was an “acquaintance” NOT a “defense contractor.” This man was NOT involved in arms sales in any way. He was an inventor of “kinetically charged” water.

3. MISCONDUCT: Government Agent claimed defendants created plans to overthrow Lao Government.
REALITY: The Government Agent encouraged and orchestrated an Offensive Action in Laos. Defendants demonstrated an inability to concoct even a rudimentary plan…so the Government Agent directed the “scheme” himself.
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