Judge LaMont Jacobson sentenced Dylan Yang to a total of 30 years, 13 years in confinement and 17 years under supervision

SUAB HMONG NEWS (10/19/2016) – Marathon County, Wausau, Wisconsin, Judge Lamont Jacobson sentenced Dylan Yang to a total of 30 years, 13 years in confinement and 17 years under supervision.  
Dylan Yang already served 600 days in jail so the 13 years confinement maybe reduce.
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a0CLICK HERE to watch Suab Hmong News coverage of the Sentencing hearing for Dylan Yang at Marathon County, Wausau, Wisconsin on October 19, 2016.
More than 200 people mostly Hmong attended the sentencing hearing. Total of 75 people were allowed in the court room and 99 people were allowed into an overflow room, a separate room from the courtroom.  Inside the overflow room, people can watch the sentencing hearing on multiple TVs.  Other people stood in the hall way and outside of the Marathon Courthouse.
Security was tight all day at Marathon County Courthouse for the sentencing hearing.   Many Wausau Police stood by the hall way, inside the courtroom, overflow room, and by the entry door into the courtroom and the overflow room.  All people had to go through metal detector and thourough check after each break in order to get back inside the rooms.
Media coverage was limited into the courtroom and in the overflow room.  Hmong major Media, Suab Hmong News and 3HmoobTV, covered the sentencing hearing.
Many witness included experts in vary fields testified for the Dylan Yang.   Most of the witness were teachers and staff from the schools Dylan Yang attended.   Some of the witness testified that Dylan Yang had talked about pursue his education at the University of Wisconsin.
Dylan Yang’s family and their lawyer are thinking about to appeal the case.
“I was honored to serve this family, this community, and to serve Dylan.  I am late because we have to sign papers saying we wanted to appeal and we gave each other with pretty good hug and I told him that I thought we will see each other again” said Harry Hertel, Defendant Lawyer (hired by Dylan Yang family).