Kidnapping a girl and forcing her to be a wife still practicing by some Hmong in Laos and Vietnam



(SHB) – One of the Hmong old traditional method for a Hmong man to get marry is for him to go look around villages to see if he likes any of the girl and then kidnap her and taken her into his wife without her consent. This was acceptable in the Hmong Community about 70 years ago back in Laos.  
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Yer Yang, Vice President of Hmong 18 Council of Wisconsin, is calling on the Hmong Community abroad to stop practicing this Hmong old traditional method. “By kidnaping and forcing a girl to be a wife without her consent is not possible and should be stop…” said Yer Yang.

Xai Moua, Family Strengthening Worker in Stevens Point, WI, is calling to the Hmong Community abroad to value Hmong girls and let them select the one they love to marry with and stop the practicing by kidnapping and forcing a girl without her consent.

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