Lao Hmong National Summer Festival will not be held on 2012 Labor Day Weekend


Appleton, WI — The Lao Hmong National Summer Festival event held annually on Labor Day weekend in Wisconsin at Winnebago County Park, will not be held this year. The cancellation of the event was due to a disagreement between the Hmong Service Center in Oshkosh and the Lao Hmong National Summer Festival organization.

Click here to watch Suab Hmong News exclusive interviewed with Za Blong Vang, Wisconsin Hmong Leader, on the latest development of 2012 Lao Hmong National Summer Festival.

Za Blong Vang, Wisconsin Hmong Leader, said during a Suab Hmong News exclusive interview, that he met and talked to the Winnebago County Officials before the event moved from Green Bay to Winnebago County Park. The Winnebago County Officials said that as long as the event has a non-profit organization to act as the physical agent for the event, they will allow the event to be held at Winnebago County Park.  Za Blong Vang continued that last year, in 2011, the board of directors from the Hmong Service Center approached the event committee to ask to act as the physical agent for the event. They in return asked for $5000.00 to help the Hmong Service Center. The Lao Hmong National Summer Festival committee agreed.

A new event named “Hmong Wisconsin Labor Day Sports Tournament” will be held by the Hmong Service Center at Winnebago County Park on Labor Day. The shifting of organizations to hold this event was due to an agreement that could not be compromised by both organizations. The funds allocated for this event were not agreed upon equally, leading to legal actions brought between the two organizations. The Winnebago County officials then granted the park usage to the Hmong Service Center.

Za Blong Vang said that the non-profit organization status played a major role in the Hmong Service Center receiving the park usage.  He stressed on the slow progress of the organization’s form for a status change to become a non-profit organization, which, would have been a benefit if the process was completed earlier.

“I would like to let everyone know that the event coming up on Labor Day is not held by the Lao Hmong National Summer Festival,” said Za Blong Vang.

Za Blong Vang prefers the Hmong community to support one another instead of taking advantage of one another.  “There are other holidays during the year. The Hmong Service Center said that they will hold their event on Labor Day at Winnebago County Park. This means that they are taking over the event…” said Za Blong Vang.

The Lao Hmong National Summer Festival committee plans to look for another date and location to hold their event in 2013 in Wisconsin.