Lao Prince Sauriyavong Savang visited Hmong event in the United States


by Richard Wanglue Vang

Farmington, MN — Sauriyavong Savang, the younger brother of Lao King Laxang, visited the Hmong event held to remember the legacy of General Vang Pao on June 29 through July 1, 2012 at the Dakota Fairground in Farmington, Minnesota.

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“The prince is 76 years old and he is now retired… he has one son and one daughter living in France,” said the prince representative during Suab Hmong News interview.

The prince representative continued saying that after Laos was taken over by the LPDR government, the prince has not been back in Laos; however, he has sent many messages to the Lao people including Lao Nort and Lao Nai to love one another.

“I would like the Hmong people to respect and love one another…” said Prince Sauriyavong Savang during the cutting ribbon on July 29, 2012.

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