Life experienced for a Miss Hmong Pageant


SUAB HMONG NEWS (01/28/2016) — Miss Cha Ia Xiong (Ntsa Iab Xyooj) held two titles of Miss Hmong; Miss Hmong Wisconsin and Miss Hmong International.

CLICK HERE to watch Suab Hmong News exclusive interviewed Miss Cha Ia Xiong (Ntsa Iab Xyooj) on her experienced as Miss Hmong Wisconsin and Miss Hmong International included her experienced from a trip to Laos.

Miss Cha Ia Xiong was born in Fresno, CA then moved to Sheboygan, WI when she was about three years old. She is now study at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and taking a major in Radiologist.

“The reason I went to compete for Miss Hmong was to test my ability and knowledge by being a Hmong girl. In the Hmong community, Hmong parents value a boy more than a girl. I think we all should value both gender equally. So by going to compete for the Miss Hmong will tell the Hmong community the ability and knowledge of a Hmong girl…” said Cha Ia Xiong.

Cha Ia Xiong went to Laos and visited Vientiane, Luang Praban, Phonasavan, and Nong het at the end of the year 2015.

“What caught my feeling the most during my trip in Laos was when I was in Luag Praban and I visited the orphan facility… Due to the many orphans live in a small facility, foods are very limited for an orphan. I noticed and became aware during the food serving time, if an orphan dropped his/her food on the ground, he/she has one choice, either pick the food from the ground and eat them or skip the meal for the day…” said Cha Ia Xiong.

Miss Cha Ia Xiong went to Phonsavan and Nong het to visit the libraries that built by Hmong-American.

“In Laos is not like in America. When a child came to the library and he/she taking a book out, he/she will never return the book back to the library so most of the time, the library is empty…” said Cha Ia Xiong.