Longest Snow Winter Season and More Snow on the Ground than other years in Wisconsin


Winter season in Wisconsin in 2013 crossed over to 2014 maybe the longest and more snow on the ground since almost 20 years ago.
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There are plenty of ways to rank how severe Milwaukee’s winter has been. December and January were among the coldest on record, and the amount of snowfall in Milwaukee this year ranked 12th on the list as of last week.

Here’s another exciting — or, depending on your perspective, depressing — statistic to add to the mix: Milwaukee just topped the season-long average for days with at least some snow on the ground, and we’re not even halfway through February.

In fact, the National Weather Service reports that because the snow isn’t melting in this cold weather, Milwaukee has had 63 straight days of snow cover, starting on Dec. 9. Most winters average 62 days, and that isn’t always in a row.

This is Milwaukee’s ninth longest snow-cover streak ever. The city still has a long way to go to break the record of 112 straight days, set in the winter of 1978-’79. However, this year’s snow would have to stick around only through the end of March to set the new all-time mark.

This streak also is the city’s longest since the winter of 2000-’01 had 76 straight days of snow cover. The record for fewest days with snow cover was 17, in 1953-’54.

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