Maplewood Council votes to temporary shutdown Stargate Nightclub in Maplewood, MN

SUAB HMONG NEWS (02/22/2017) – Due to the latest shots fired at Stargate Nighclub and a series shootings in the past, the Maplewood Council voted to close down Stargate Nightclub effective immediately on February 22, 2017,
Paul Xiong, the owner of Stargate Nightclub, told reporters that he loved the Council decision.
“I’m older, I don’t want this business. It’s a lot of headache. I might have a heart attack in this place. It’s done, I don’t want it,” said Paul Xiong, Stargate Nighclub Owner.
Xiong says he is sick of the gun violence, and the violence around Stargate.
“Business is a mess, and we need to close it,” Xiong said.
According to the council, if the nightclub’s owner makes a series of changes, the nightclub could be allowed to be reopened.