Mee Yang Lor is reunited with her family after 24 years of being lost in the Jungle of Laos


(SHB) – After the C.I.A. secret war ended in Laos on May 14, 1975, many of the Hmong who worked for the C.I.A. went to hide in the jungle of Laos to prevent capturing and persecution by the LPDR government. Most of these Hmong individuals took their families. They fled to Thailand by walking through the jungle and swimming across the Mekong River. Most of them made it to Thailand, but many of them died either due to hunger, persecution by the LPDR army once they were caught, or many of them willingly surrendered to the LPDR government.

Mee Yang Lor, a daughter of FaPao Lor, was with her family near the Mekong River waiting for the right time to cross over to Thailand. She was upset with her father because she felt that her father did not pay enough attention to her. She decided to leave her family because she was upset.

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After Mee Yang Lor separated from her family in the jungle of Laos, she endured a very hard life during her teenage years. “I missed my father and my family every day… one time, I tried to escape with my friends to Thailand to find my father…” said Mee Yang Lor.

After 24 years, Va Ya Lor, the younger brother of Mee Yang Lor, who she carried on her back most of the time in the jungle, went to search for her in Laos. Va Ya Lor went to the Lao Media and paid for a Public Announcement. After relentless searching, he finally found his sister.

“She could not speak Hmong at all… she lived in a very tiny house that one could not stand up in while inside it…” said Va Ya Lor.

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