Montagnard Federation delegation to Laos make a historical mark in the Hmong community

Montagnard Federation Delegation to Laos on August 2018.

SUAB HMONG NEWS (08/28/2018) — Montagnard Federation delegation to Laos from August 16, 2018 to August 20, 2018 make a historical mark in the Hmong community in many ways.  Some viewed it as bringing more trouble to Hmong around the world, some viewed it as danger zone, some viewed it as disaster zone, some viewed it as a positive way for showing the world who is Hmong, and some viewed it as just a group travel trip.

CLICK HERE to watch Richard Wanglue Vang, Executive Producer for Suab Hmong Broadcasting, exclusive interview Nhia Vang, Representative Montagnard Federation, Inc.

After some video posted on the Social Media “FaceBook” by some of Montagnard delegation to Laos, many Hmong social network commentators react negative and positive to it.  Nhia Vang, Rep. Montagnard Federation, Inc., said he welcome all the negative and positive reactions from everyone; It is a good way to explore something new that Hmong never done before.  “It is good for those that they are against us and those that are supporting us.  Both are good to promote who we are.  Without them we do not know what negative and positive coming our way” said Nhia Vang.

Nhia Vang also said the mission of Montagnard Federation is not to find a land for Hmong country as many rumors spread but to promote peace and prosperity for Hmong and other minority groups.  “The country where you live is your country.  You must work hard to support the country you are in.  If you listen to the rumors that we are finding a land for a Hmong country, you are wrong and that will never come through” said Nhia Vang.

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