Montagnard Federation is looking for a Fundraising Director


SUAB HMONG NEWS (09/10/2019) – Montagnard Federation Inc., is looking for a Fundraising Director to lead its building center project in Thailand.

CLICK HERE to watch Suab Hmong Edition exclusive interview Nhia Vang on the latest projects of Montagnard Federation.

Nhia Vang said it is time to take action.  “Now we have built our relationship with neighbor countries in Asia.  The ASEAN and we are in the same page and we move along together as partner to move our projects to the next level… it is time to build a center in Thailand for the International community to gather and to meet us”.

Nhia Vang said the center in Thailand will have the symbol of Montagnard and it will create economic for the surrounding communities.  The building center is expecting to start in the year 2020.

Candidate who is interested to apply for the position of Fundraising Director should contact Nhia Lor Vang at 608-780-8881 or Nhia Pao Thao at 763-370-3070.  Further detail information will be giving when called.

Montagnard Federation’s other tentative projects for the year included a delegation to revisit Laos by sometimes November and December 2019.