More than 100 illegal Chinese nationals in Laos abducted and sent back to China


SUAB HMONG NEWS (10/16/2019) – A total of 137 Chinese nationals were abducted and returned to their homeland by the cooperation of the two foreign police departments.  These Chinese nationals involved illegal activities in Laos.

The Chinese Embassy in Laos warned the people in Laos to be alerted on incidents happening now in Laos.   There are Chinese groups currently in Laos pretend to be vendors selling good items.  They act polite, nice, and they offer drink and cigarettes to people.  What people do not know is that these Chinese groups put anesthetic on drink and cigarettes and when people accepted their offered; drink or/and smoke cigarettes, they will faint and being robbed by these Chinese groups.

If anyone see suspicious, the Chinese embassy is urging everyone to call the Lao authority at 1191.