MOVIE: “Hmoob Blood for Freedom” or in Thai “ม้ง สงครามวีรบุรุษ” is now on YouTube


Hmong movie fans around the world do not have to wait and watch the movie “Hmoob Blood for Freedom” which premier at St. Anthony Theater in Minneapolis, Minnesota early in 2012. It is now available on YouTube uploaded by animelover072390.

SHIBC News is unsure whether the movie was intentionally and legally uploaded to YouTube but it’s been viewed more than 31,000 viewers as January 15, 2013.

Click here to watch the movie “Hmoob Blood for Freedom” on YouTube. Keep in mind that SHIBC News does not owned this video and is not responsible for all legal actions regarding this movie.

“Hmoob Blood for Freedom” is a film that sheds light on the plight of the Hmong people living in the Kaokor Mountains in Thailand from 1968 to 1982. Conflicts between the Thai government and the communist regime forced the Hmong to take part in the bloody battles that raged on for 14 years. This story is told through the eyes of Kaeng, a Hmong born, Thai-raised young man, who is caught in the middle of this conflict.

If you are expecting to see your favorite Hmong actors and actresses, and hear Hmong language speaking, this movie is not for you. The leading actors and actresses in this movie are all majority Thai. “This movie is intended to target other mainstream audiences, as well as Thai spectators in Thailand,” said Jimmy Vanglee, one of the Directors of the movie.

Jimmy Vanglee added that the main language spoken in the movie is Thai, and that the subtitles are in English. There maybe a special version of the movie that will be released for sale in the Hmong community that will have subtitles in Hmong very soon.

“The total cost to make this movie was approximately $700,000.00 U.S. dollars,” said Jimmy Vanglee, during a Suab Hmong Broadcasting exclusive interviewed with him in Thailand.

Lais Lee, one of the Producers from Payeng Race Up Production, based in Thailand said that there are many producers including those from China and Laos that made this film possible.

“Initially some of the producers wanted to just invest their money into the making of the movie, but when the movie began shooting, some decided to devote more time and effort and became producers…whether we have gained or lost, we wanted to be a part of the movie…” said Lai Lee, during a Suab Hmong News exclusive interview.

Due to the United States Visa Entry process in Bangkok, Thailand, half of the casting and support actors and actresses were not able to make the screening in Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Film Festival. “There must be some type of misunderstanding during the interview process that must have failed them,” said Jimmy Vanglee.

Bowie Atthama Chiwanichaphan, the leading female role in the film, said that this was her first time visiting the United States. “I really like it here but I like my country more…” said Bowie Atthama Chiwanichaphan.

Rit Loecha, Thai Actor, said that this was his fourth time visiting the United States, and this was the first time that he was able to share his visit with the Hmong community in the United States. “I have known the Hmong people in Thailand by helping some of the Hmong refugees at Wat Thamkrabot,” said Rit Laecha.