Murdered couple had hoped to find safer place to live


by Rebecca Klopf

Sunday night shattered everything for the Vue family. According to Milwaukee Police, Phia and his wife Maikow Vue were murdered, their building at 92nd and Holt taken hostage, and their four children trapped inside.
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The 39-year-old suspect surrendered, but not before killing three people, including the couple, leaving their children orphans.

“We are really at a crisis right now,” says Phia Vue’s sister, who did not want to be identified.

But she wanted people to know about her family.

“They are a very fun family. They are a very loving family. They are outgoing,” she says.

Maikow had just gotten her bachelor’s degree from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. It was a struggle. Vue’s sister say they could barely make ends meet.

“They were really hard working,” she says.

But they wanted a chance at a better life for their kids, so they moved from what they considered a rough neighborhood downtown to the southwest side.

“They wanted to go further out in a safer area,” she says.

That put them in the building where police say their neighbor gunned them down and another man, Jesus Manso Perez, 39. The family has no idea why. The Vue’s four children were in the building as it was happening. Phia’s sister knows her bother and sister-in-law died trying to save their children.


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